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Why your car wrap should be installed by a profession?

You’ve probably seen plenty of unique colors and shades on different vehicles. Majority of the time, this is achieved with a nice vinyl car wrap.

If you’re trying to decide between having your car professionally wrapped by a Vancouver car wrap shop or DIY, there are many countless reasons why having your car wrap professionally wrapped is the better choice.

Although wrapping your vehicle yourself will undoubtedly reduce costs, wrapping a vehicle by yourself will increase the chances of risks, bubbling or damages to your car if parts are not removed properly.

1) Experience is key

As an industry leading in the car wrap industry in Vancouver, Twiisted Wrap has had plenty of experience working on vehicles. Our certified technicians have plenty of experience working on vehicles for car wraps and they are trained to remove parts on the vehicle when wrapping such as front bumpers, mirrors, door panels, tail lights etc.

2) Paint protection film helps protect against fading and offers chemical resistance

At Twiisted Wrap, our large team allows us to have a dedicated project manager who will answer all your wrap questions from start to finish. With our experience and an assortment of vehicle related offerings, we are a one stop solution for all your car wrapping needs in Vancouver and Richmond. This allows you to speak with only one person as your main contact person to help you realize your vision and color selection.

3) The devil is in the details

Our car wrap shop in Richmond is set up with plenty of lighting both on the ceiling and side walls. This allows us to see the finer details when we’re working on a car wrap project. This professional space is also clean to allow us to better control dirt or dust particles from floating in the air and getting trapped in the vinyl. Our professional car wrap team in Richmond will also always take the time to properly prep your vehicle surface before wrapping each panel.

This high level of detail allows us to ensure that all car wrap projects leave our shop with high quality in mind.

See yours idea come to life

At our very core, we are car enthusiasts and we have taken our passion for vehicles by offering color change vinyl wraps and paint protection film (PPF) installs in Vancouver.

Check out our portfolio of eye-catching vehicles we’ve worked on and see what inspires you!

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Tesla Model S Purple Black Gloss Grey Car Wrap

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