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Why parts removals on your
Tesla is important for wrap

Tesla color change wraps and paint protection film wraps at Twiisted Wrap are our specialty. We have worked on hundreds of Tesla’s and we’re extremely familiar with the vehicle. 

As such, our installers are comfortable removing parts on the vehicle to ensure a nicer paint look finish once completed. When wrapping a Tesla, since the majority of vehicles are white, hiding the original paint color is vital for a high end wrap project. This is not possible unless you remove countless parts on the vehicle and conceal all the edges.  

We’ve taken some pictures of a Tesla which is in the progress of a wrap to show what’s removed so you have a better understanding of some behind the scenes at Twiisted Wrap. As you can tell from the picture below, the following parts are removed:

  • Front / Rear Tesla “T” badges
  • Front bumper and all components of the bumper
  • Headlights
  • Window Trims
  • Door Trims
  • Side Camera
  • Rear Tail lights
  • Rear Bumper
  • Side Fender

As you can see from pictures, we spend a lot of time extensively removing parts on the vehicle to ensure a proper wrap coverage to hide the original paint color. This process is important so that there’s no unsightly original body color popping up.

Once everything is installed, we go through our checklist to ensure everything is working normal as intended. There will be no issues with functionality once the project is completed.

See yours idea come to life

At our very core, we are car enthusiasts and we have taken our passion for vehicles by offering color change vinyl wraps and paint protection film (PPF) installs in Vancouver.

Check out our portfolio of eye-catching vehicles we’ve worked on and see what inspires you!

Tesla wraps Tesla Model 3 Space Candy Blue
Tesla Model S Purple Black Gloss Grey Car Wrap
Tesla Model Y Xpel Matte PPF Wrap

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