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In response to the growing popularity of Tesla wrap, we have taken a proactive approach to meet the rising demand for Tesla-specific services. We have established a dedicated segment of our business exclusively focused on delivering top-notch solutions for Tesla owners, including specialized Vinyl Wraps, Paint Protection Film Wraps, and Ceramic Coating services. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually refine our expertise, ensuring that Tesla owners receive the highest quality wraps available in the industry.

With an extensive track record of successfully completed Tesla projects showcased in our portfolio, we take immense pride in our ability to provide our valued customers with nothing less than absolute satisfaction and flawless craftsmanship. As a testament to our confidence in our work, we are pleased to offer a lifetime installation warranty for all our Tesla services. This means you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your Tesla wrap will maintain its pristine appearance for the long haul without any concerns.

Tesla wraps Tesla Model 3 Space Candy Blue

Vinyl Wrap (Color Change)

Change the look of your vehicle today and stand out from the crowd. With hundreds of colors to pick from, it's easy to find the look that reflects your personality.

tesla model y ppf

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Preserve the paint or vinyl wrap from rocks chips during daily use. Our standard gloss/matte finishes will give peace of mind when you're enjoying your daily commutes or road trips.

Ceramic Coating

This product adds an invisible layer to seal in the finish and make it easier to clean and maintain your vehicle. With the added benefits of hydrophobic properties, this product is perfect for all environments.

Twiisted Tesla Model 3 Wrap

Custom Tesla Logo

We can help individualize your vehicle by adding custom logos using our state of the art laser cutting machine. The 3D letters help add a subtle accent to your vehicle for that extra personalization touch.

caliper painting_tesla_vancouver

Caliper Covers

Elevate the sportiness of your Tesla with a touch of color! Our Richmond BC facility offers caliper covers to help accent your ride. With Fiery Red being the most popular option, we also offer Yellow and Blue.


Interior Dash

Protect your center console from scratches due to every day usage. We can also add a splash of color to personalize your ride.

Tesla EVSE installation

Easy EVSE installation

Are you looking for faster charging of your Tesla at home? We now offer in house service for installation of the higher rated chargers. We can conceal the wiring and assess all your electrical needs.


Chrome Delete (Dechrome)

Are you tired of staring at the ugly chrome pieces on your vehicle? A chrome delete helps change that look to any color to help blend in with the vehicle paint or wrap finish nicer.


Some of our projects

Tesla Model 3 Gloss Metallic Mysterious Indigo

Tesla model 3 Vinyl Wrap

Gloss Metallic Mysterious Indigo

Blue Tesla Model 3 AX Blue Aegir

Tesla Model 3

AX Blue Aegir Vinyl wrap

grey tesla_tesla wrap_vinylwrap_richmond18

Tesla Model 3

Gloss Rock Grey Vinyl Wrap

Pink tesla model3_ vinylwrap_vancouver_twiistedwrap36

Tesla Model 3

Metal Pink Vinyl Wrap

Tesla Model Y

metal paint blue Vinyl Wrap

Tesla Model 3

green shift color vinyl wrap

Tesla Model Y

color vinyl wrap

Tesla Model Y

Xpel Gloss PPF

Tesla Model 3

Space Candy Blue

Tesla Model Y

Matte PPF

Tesla Model 3

Satin Grey 3M vinyl wrap

Tesla Model 3

Tiffany Blue/ Satin Key west

Tesla Model Y

color vinyl wrap & matte PPF

Tesla Model 3

Matte Green color Vinyl Wrap

Tesla model services FAQs

How much does the wrap cost to protect my Tesla?

We understand that protecting your investment is crucial. As we’ve worked on many Tesla’s in the past, we have become quite familiar with the vehicle. To help with the local Vancouver Tesla community, we have put together a competitive pricing list. 

Contact us today for group buys and Vancouver Tesla forum specials. 

What is a Tesla vinyl wrap and is it right for me? 

Tesla vehicles are prone to having the paint get damaged easily. By choosing a vinyl wrap on your Tesla, it protects your investment and allows you to personalize it at the same time. I’m sure you’ve encountered this scenario either yourself or through a friend where someone mistakenly enters a vehicle thinking it’s theirs.

A color change wrap allows you to go for a completely different look while using a high quality vehicle grade vinyl that will not damage your paint in the future upon removals.

What are the advantages of choosing a Tesla vinyl wrap (color change)?

Since the factory offers limited choices, a color change is the most cost effective method to change your vehicle color to something that suits you better

A vinyl wrap is less costly than taking your Tesla to a body shop to repaint the entire exterior. A vinyl wrap is also easier to remove in the future and it actually helps to protect your vehicle paint.

There are dozens of color choices to pick from to personalize your ride. 

Is Ceramic Coating necessary for my Tesla? 

The factory paint on Tesla’s are a topic of huge discussion as many members on forums seem to have issues. Within the first several months of ownerships, members are finding that the paint doesn’t look as glossy, it looses its depth and there are numerous swirl marks. We have the solution by adding a ceramic coating layer on top of the paint to shield it against the elements.

What is Ceramic Coating?

There are many different brand of ceramic coating, but the idea is that it is a liquid polymer that works on a nano level to shield your factory paint. It does this by chemically bonding with it and filling in the “imperfect” layers of your paint and making it more level. It also has the added benefit of making road grime and stains easy to clean off. When you watch numerous videos online and see water “beading”, this is because of the ceramic coating protection they added.

It’s best to install this on a brand-new vehicle before there are too many issues with the paint. However, we offer paint correction and restoration to polish your paintwork to beyond brand new.

We work with the top leading commercial grade ceramic coating products to ensure a longer lasting product.

What are the advantages and benefits of choosing Ceramic Coating for my Tesla?

Since Ceramic Coating bonds permanent with your Tesla paint like a “paint shield”, there are numerous benefits which include

Low maintenance 

Unlike car wax, which needs to be reapplied, ceramic coating is permanent and offers protection
New vehicle look

 Since the ceramic coating is like another layer on top, it doesn’t easily scratch or show swirl marks


The videos you see uploading where water seems to slide off and form small circles also known as “beading” is a direct result of adding ceramic coating to your paint. This also makes dirt and road grime less likely to stick to your vehicle as there is a low surface energy

Why Parts Removals On Your Tesla Is Important For Wrap

Our installers are comfortable removing parts on the vehicle to ensure a nicer paint look finish once completed. When wrapping a Tesla, since the majority of vehicles are white, hiding the original paint color is vital for a high-end wrap project. This is not possible unless you remove countless parts on the vehicle and conceal all the edges.  

Where are you located?

Visit our location at:
2895 Simpson Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 2R2