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3m wrap film series 2080 Vinyl Wrap

C63s AMG Coupe

Matte Deep Black

3M Vinyl Car Wraps Matte Deep Black | C63s AMG Coupe 2020

We were delighted to have the opportunity to work on a brand new Mercedes C63S AMG recently. The vehicle was picked up at the dealership and driven straight to our location in Richmond to have work done on it. 

We started off the process by prepping the paint and making sure there were no contaminants on it. We then had the exterior detailed to prep for our vinyl wrap process. As part of the vinyl wrap, we will remove specific parts on the vehicle to ensure that the wrap can be hidden to make this as seamless as possible. For this vehicle, we chose to use the new 3M 2080 satin black series to closely mimic a factory paint option from Mercedes so that it looks like it came directly from the factory. 

Another popular option is to remove any chrome accents on the vehicle This process is called “dechrome”. For this specific vehicle, we chose to use gloss black accents on the front splitter, rear diffuser, window surrounds and door sills. 

One of the benefits of adding a vinyl wrap to the painted surface is that it will help to protect the paint from light scratches/squirls. Everything that we do is removable in the future, so if you’d like to take it off when you want to sell the vehicle or you get bored of the color, the paint condition will be pristine. 

Check out some pictures of the finished product and see our attention to details. We treat every vehicle like a work of art and we look forward to seeing how we can turn your dreams into reality with a vehicle wrap. 

@Twiistedmedia has been proudly serving Vancouver with the highest quality car wrap for over 6 years. We use industry leading printing technologies to create car wrap projects for both personal as well as commercial use.

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