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Mclaren 720S

Venom theme livery wrap

Mclaren 720S Venom theme livery wrap

How do you make an already outstanding car stand out among a sea of Mclaren’s, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s? With the team here at Twiisted Media, we are no stranger to understanding how graphic design can make a statement! One of our VIP clients who is also a comic book fanatic tasked us with turning his Mclaren 720S into the anti-hero Venom.


Venom is a sentient alien Symbiote with a liquid-like form who survives by bonding onto a host. In this case, we wanted to create a symbiosis with the Mclaren 720S. One of the character defining traits of venom is his bulging veins, long tongue, sharp teeth and slobber. Figuring out how all these elements would be portrayed was a challenge. Lucky that the team at Twiisted Media had lot of experience working on vehicle wraps for the Hublot Diamond Rally over the years and knew exactly how to bring this character to life.

We were excited when 3M Canada expressed interest to sponsor the materials for this livery wrap. They offered us their new IJ180mC-120 which is a metallic printable vinyl along with the carbon fiber Overlaminate 8900 to create texture and dimension reminiscent of Venom’s structure.

Twiisted Media is proud to announce that we were recognized with awards in two different categories at
the 2019 Hublot Diamond Rally
The Innovative Design & Print Award – McLaren 720S Venom
The Charity Livery Team Award benefiting the “Children’s Wish” – Ferrari Vancouver

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