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Tesla Model 3 Gloss Sea Breeze

This Tesla Model 3 received a stunning transformation with the Avery Gloss Sea Breeze (SW900-648) vinyl wrap. As part of our service at Twiisted Wrap, we provide a free consultation to go over color samples with the client to help them select the best vinyl wrap color. However in this specific case, the client knew coming straight in which color he wanted and provided all the color swatch codes.

The Avery Gloss Sea Breeze has a really nice cool blue tone which is extremely unique and eye-catching. To help bring the overall look of the vehicle together, we added a Gloss Orange accent on key areas of the vehicle. This color tone is inspired from the Porsche Gulf Livery on their race cars.

As part of our wrap process, we always remove the front bumpers, headlights, foglights, side cameras, window trims, lights and fender areas to wrap the material as seamless as possible. Attention to detail matters as we want to make the vinyl wrap look like a OEM paint color.

Vinyl wraps not only provide a unique look to your Tesla vehicle, but it also helps to cover the original paint from light surface scratches/damages.

The Avery Gloss Sea Breeze color change wrap on the Tesla 3 is a refreshing take on a modern vehicle that draws color tones from the racing cars of 24 Hours of LeMans.

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