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Satin Lightning Ridge Tesla Model 3

The client came to us originally looking for a matte grey color change on their Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 car wrap_chameleon wrap_vancouver25
Tesla Model 3 car wrap_chameleon wrap_vancouver16

How can I make my Tesla unique with a vinyl wrap?

The owner of this very unique Tesla Model 3 was looking for something special that would help set his vehicle apart from the sea of white Tesla vehicles in the Vancouver Area. A vinyl wrap or color change wrap is essentially a process where your vehicle is taken to a professional shop to have a vehicle specific vinyl sticker applied.

What color do you see when looking at this vehicle?

We went over the many vinyl wrap color choices available from 3M and Avery. Ultimately, we decided on the incredibly unique Avery Satin Lightning Ridge (SW900-610). This color gives off a unique blend of green, purple, blue, and gold depending on which angle you’re viewing the vehicle from.

Which vinyl wrap film did we choose?

Avery did a very good job with their vinyl wrap film – especially for this color shifting chameleon color. This vinyl wrapped Tesla Model 3 is definitely a color you want to catch in person to fully appreciate!

Why it’s important to find a qualified shop.
Our installation bay is specially set up with ample lighting so that we can see every corner, curve and bodyline in order to wrap the vinyl sticker precisely on your vehicle. We take pride in our work as each vehicle is like a blank canvas where we create art.

Where can I get my vehicle wrapped?

To ensure a proper wrap process, it is important to find a car wrap shop that has experience removing parts on your vehicle to hide edges and make sure the original paint is hidden. Twiisted Media which is located in the Richmond area on Bridgeport is a short 5 min drive away from Ikea and easily accessible from Oak Street Bridge or Knight Street Bridge.

What a difference a vinyl wrap can make!

Check out the pictures below to see all the colors work in tandem with each other. The vehicle gives off a different color at every angle and in different lighting conditions. We’re excited with how this wrap turned out. Let us know what you think too!

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We use top brands from 3M and Avery and it’s rated by the manufacturer to last for 5-7 years. For extra peace of mind, we offer a lifetime warranty on our work.

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