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Transform Your Tesla with a Color Vinyl Wrap from Twiisted Wrap

If you’re the proud owner of a Tesla, you already know that these electric vehicles are designed to turn heads. With their sleek lines, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly performance, Teslas are the ultimate status symbol for drivers who want to make a statement on the road. But what if you could take your Tesla to the next level? What if you could make it even more unique and eye-catching than it already is? That’s where Twiisted Wrap comes in. We specialize in vinyl wraps that can completely transform the look of your Tesla, from a subtle color change to a bold and daring design. What is a Tesla vinyl wrap?  Simply put, it’s a thin layer of high-quality vinyl that adheres to the surface of your vehicle. It can be applied to any make or model of car, including your Tesla. Vinyl wraps are a popular choice for car enthusiasts

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Why parts removals on your Tesla is important for a wrap?

Why parts removals on your Tesla is important for wrap Tesla color change wraps and paint protection film wraps at Twiisted Wrap are our specialty. We have worked on hundreds of Tesla’s and we’re extremely familiar with the vehicle.  As such, our installers are comfortable removing parts on the vehicle to ensure a nicer paint look finish once completed. When wrapping a Tesla, since the majority of vehicles are white, hiding the original paint color is vital for a high end wrap project. This is not possible unless you remove countless parts on the vehicle and conceal all the edges.   We’ve taken some pictures of a Tesla which is in the progress of a wrap to show what’s removed so you have a better understanding of some behind the scenes at Twiisted Wrap. As you can tell from the picture below, the following parts are removed: Front / Rear

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Different finish options available for your paint protection film wrap

Different finish options available for your paint protection film wrap Paint protection film or better known as “PPF” is film covering that goes over top of your vehicle paint. There are many benefits to paint protection film including: •Protection against rock chips•Ease of maintenance by reducing the need for car washes•Helps protect the paint finish from fading by sealing it against the environment •Prevents chemical reactions from daily driving (sand/road salts/acidic bird droppings)•Maintains your cars resale value •Saves money long term•Peace of mind from the invisible protection•Self healing properties•Custom kits for all vehicles •Resistance to discoloration and peeling Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape through the seasons can be challenging. Especially if there are harsh winters or you do a lot of highway driving. Have you ever noticed a rock chip damaging your paint and wondering if there’s a solution? Well, paint protection film is the key to your answer

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Why your car wrap should be installed by a profession?

Why your car wrap should be installed by a profession? You’ve probably seen plenty of unique colors and shades on different vehicles. Majority of the time, this is achieved with a nice vinyl car wrap. If you’re trying to decide between having your car professionally wrapped by a Vancouver car wrap shop or DIY, there are many countless reasons why having your car wrap professionally wrapped is the better choice. Although wrapping your vehicle yourself will undoubtedly reduce costs, wrapping a vehicle by yourself will increase the chances of risks, bubbling or damages to your car if parts are not removed properly. 1) Experience is key As an industry leading in the car wrap industry in Vancouver, Twiisted Wrap has had plenty of experience working on vehicles. Our certified technicians have plenty of experience working on vehicles for car wraps and they are trained to remove parts on the vehicle

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3 Reasons to PPF (PAINT PROTECTION FILM) Wrap your car

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Twiisted Wrap

We are a Vancouver based Award-Winning Car wrap company and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can work together with you!

Vinyl Wrap

We specialize in making your dreams come to reality with a vinyl wrap on your vehicle. With hundreds of colors to choose from, our paint like vinyl will help bring the ultimate customization to your footsteps.

paint protection film

No more worries about rock chips, road grime or scratches on your investment. Our paint protection film is 8 mil thick and precut to the exact dimensions of your vehicle to give it that same OEM look.

Chrome Delete

A popular request from Tesla owners is to wrap the chrome trims to gloss/matte black.



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