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Lamborghini Tecnica Green Xpel PPF Wrap

Lamborghini - PPF Wrap process

Lamborghini Urus - Full Ceramic Coating process

This high-performance SUV was wrapped in Avery satin dark grey vinyl and paint protection film on the front end. Next, we finished the entire vehicle off with ceramic coating. This coating helps to protect the vinyl further and helps make it easier to maintain. Ceramic coating is best known for its hydrophobic properties, but did you know that it also features chemical resistance and some self healing properties as well? Check out the video of the process.

Porsche Carrera 4S - Full PPF Wrap

This vehicle was brought over to our location straight from the dealership. After an extensive clean, polish and clay bar to prep the vehicle, we brought it into our specially renovated facility to apply the paint protection film (PPF) layer. 

More specifically, we used the new Suntek Reaction material. This film helps to protect the paint finish, rock chips and door dings and also features ceramic coating on top of the PPF layer to make it more hydrophobic and easier to clean. As part of the process to ensure we have the most seamless install possible, we also removed panels and parts on the vehicle to wrap the film around edges. The video shows a little behind the scenes look of the installation process.

Porsche GT3 - Full PPF Wrap

The highly sought after (and next to impossible to get) Porsche 992 GT3 is an enthusiasts dream vehicle. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on one of the first Porsche vehicles that landed in Vancouver. 

The owner knew the importance of protecting the paint against rock chips from daily highway driving and hardcore track use. Since this vehicle is meant to be driven hard, applying paint protection film (PPF) is a no brainer to keep this asset in pristine condition. For this vehicle, we chose to use Suntek Reaction. By applying this wrap, it goes on nearly invisible while offering the

Tesla Model 3 - Color Wrap, PPF wrap, Ceramic Coating

The Tesla paint from factory is widely known to have issues with the finish. As well, since the car is electric, it goes do without vents on the front bumper for cooling purposes. Because of this, the front bumper has a large surface area which is prone to accumulate rock chips. 

This client chose to wrap the vehicle in a hologram color which shows off different color spectrums depending on the angle of light hitting the vehicle. Afterwards we applied a matte PPF from Suntek to protect the finish. 

Paint protection film comes in either a gloss or matte finish. To match the vinyl color better, we paired it with Suntek Ultra Matte. This film blends seamlessly with the vinyl color to deliver an upgrade to protection. As with all PPF, this film features self-healing. To further add to ease of maintenance during car washes and prolonged necessity to clean the vehicle, we used Revivify Ceramic Coating.

Check out the video showing the 3 different processes we applied on the vehicle.

Satin black will always be a classic color and stealthy upgrade to original body paint colors from the factory. This Porsche 911 Carrera is a perfect example of classic color meets aggressive body styling to create a beloved and mean looking ride!

We had a bit of fun with this video to showcase the shocking difference from original silver paint to the more menacing satin black look reminiscent of the Batmobile. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Lamborghini Urus - Full PPF Wrap

The new Lamborghini Urus is an SUV with supercar pedigree and daily driver practicality. This vehicle was delivered to our location with less than 100km on the odometer to protect the large body panels from door dings and rocks chips from highway driving.

 We fully covered the vehicle with Suntek Reaction paint protection film (PPF). This film applies on optically clear for that invisible look. We also removed panels and parts on the vehicle to ensure the most seamless install possible by wrapping behind edges. 

Although we use precut kits on the vehicle, we modify the templates to ensure we have extra material to cover more than what’s recommended. 

Porsche 992 C4S - PPF

Protecting the full front end on this Porsche 992 C4S offers peace of mind when driving on highways or taking this machine to the track. 

Our track package for PPF features coverage on the full hood, full front fenders, full front bumper, mirrors, and A pillar. Our film comes with ceramic coating built in and we use the best film in the industry from Suntek. The film appears nearly invisible and there are no discernable difference from the areas that are not wrapped.

Porsche 992 C4S - PPF

This brand new Porsche 992 was brought to our shop straight from the dealership for a full vehicle wrap with the Suntek Reaction Paint Protection Film (PPF). 

This film comes with ceramic coating built in and offers the utmost protection for the paint surface. We wrap behind edges and panels to ensure a flawless invisible look when completed.

Tesla Model 3 Tiffany Blue

Check out the vinyl wrap process video that showcases how this 3M wrap goes on the Tesla Model 3.

We have a team of certified mechanics to remove all the necessary body parts to ensure a nice wrap finish. This includes removing the front bumper just to gain access to remove the headlights and fog lights. As well, all trims, tail lights and side markers are removed as well to hide all the edges.

Although time consuming to remove all these parts, we feel by doing this, it makes the finished result look more flawless.

Tesla Model 3 Satin Dark Grey

The client came to us originally looking for a matte grey color change on their Tesla Model 3.

However, we convinced them that the satin grey vinyl from 3M would look a lot nicer as it really accents the body lines on the vehicle. 

Although hesitate at first, once seeing the vehicle in person, they were very happy with the decision. Not to mention the vinyl wrap quality!

S63 AMG Satin Metallic Purple

The Mercedes S63 AMG came to us wanting something that was outstanding and not commonly done. The client was looking for a vinyl color change which looks like it could have come a factory offered paint color.

After going through an assortment of colors from 3M, Avery and Hexis, we ultimately decided that the Avery SW900-566 (satin metallic purple) would be the best look for his vehicle.

Rolls Royce Ghost wrap in two-tone Rose Red

The Spirit of the Ecstasy that sits at the prow of the vast bonnet conveys a sense of history and luxury that is known for the Rolls Royce brand.

The owner of this Rolls Royce Ghost was looking to personalize his vehicle further by choosing a vinyl color change wrap. After seeing what we could offer at Twiisted Media, the client decided to go with the 3M 1080 Gloss Black Rose. 3M is well known for their 1080 and 2080 car wrap vinyl films with their bubble free technology and countless color choices.


The 3M Gloss Black Rose car wrap vinyl has a color change effect where if you look at it in one direction, it appears to be brown/black. When looking at it from a different directly, a gold/maroon color really begins to pop. Unbeknownst to us, when the vehicle was parked in the sunlight, the colors really lightened up and the red metallic flakes popped!


When working on a vehicle as luxurious and complex as the Rolls Royce, we collaborate with licensed mechanics to remove parts on the vehicle to ensure a proper fitment and coverage area. With the parts removed, we can make sure the vinyl fully covers the painted areas and is not exposed for a better life span.

Tesla Model Y Gloss Cloudy Blue

The start of your personalized color change wrap for your Tesla begins with an appointment with our team to discuss the various vinyl wrap colors available. 

We pick from popular brands such as 3M, Avery, Inozetek, Hexis etc. For this specific Tesla Model Y, we chose the Avery Gloss Cloud Blue (SW900-656) as it gives off a nice blue hue while not being overly flashy. 

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