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Paint Protection Film

High gloss finish PPF

Xpel / Suntek

With the growing trend to protect new vehicles from damages in Vancouver, we have recently introduced our paint protection film services at our Richmond location. We use the industry leading films from Xpel and Suntek.   matches your stock paint color and is almost invisible once applied properly.

Matte (Satin) Finish PPF

Xpel / Suntek

With the growing trend to protect new vehicles from damages in Vancouver, we have recently introduced our paint protection film services at our Richmond location. We use the industry leading films from Xpel and Suntek, it actually changes the color of your vehicle once applied on. For example, if your vehicle was a stock gloss black finish, after applying the coating, it will appear satin black.


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Not all paint protection film is installed the same. A guide to two different finish options for quality.

Although the intention of paint protection film (PPF) is to protect the vehicle, there are two main install finishes that are available. There is the “standard finish” which uses kits/patterns and “custom finish” which uses a combination of kits/patterns and bulking.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Which is the best paint protection film? 

The industry leaders for paint protection film (PPF) in the market at the moment is from Xpel and Suntek. We use both brands for our installation. Both vinyls are premium and there isn’t a noticeable difference once applied. Since both manufacturers have their own custom software, it really comes down to which vehicle you have as we’d recommend difference vinyl depending on how precise the pattern for the templates are.

What happens if paint protection film gets damaged?

Yes, the paint protection film layer is 8 mil thick and it can prevent against rock chips, scratches and hits. It helps to protect against your vehicle paint from damages. If for some reason your vehicle panels do get damaged, the PPF will sustain most of the damages, and in most cases we only need to replace that specific panel.


Can you remove paint protection film? 

Yes you can remove paint protection film once applied. Although the adhesive is very strong and bonds extremely well to your paint surface, if you need to replace a panel in the future our certified technicians can assist you with the removals/replacements.

Is paint protection film or ceramic coating better for protecting my vehicle? 

This question comes down to what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to protect your vehicle paint against rock chips, and surface scratches, then I will recommend paint protection film as the film is 8 mil thick and features self healing.
If you’re looking to protect against chemical stains arising from acidic contaminants, and elements (such as bird droppings), then ceramic coating is the way to go. This is a tricky question to answer, if unsure, it would be best to speak to one of our qualified technicians to assist you with your decision. For the ultimate in protection, you can do paint protection film first, then add a ceramic coating layer on top.

Can you wax over paint protection film?

Yes, you can wax over paint protection film. It’s even possible to add ceramic coating on top as well for the double layer protection.


Can I polish PPF?

Yes, you can polish PPF. Just make sure you’re using the right chemical compound. Since the paint protection film already features a layer of self healing that is activated with heat, sometimes it’s best to just park the vehicle outside on a sunny day.

Does PPF damage paint?

Paint protection film does NOT damage painted surfaces. It in fact protects the paint surface. As well, if there are minor scratches in the paint, since the material is very thick (at 8 mil), it can also hide some of the flaws in the paint. Although it’s recommend to do a paint correction on the body paint first, sometimes it’s not necessary. We can do an inspection of your body paint condition prior to installation.

Where are you located?

Visit our location at:
2895 Simpson Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 2R2

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